Chenrezig TBC - Live Webcast Page

It is with our apologies that we are not able to offer a live webcast November 27th.



Good morning and welcome to our Chenrezig TBC Philadelphia Live Webcast Page. 

Preliminary Practices (all webcasts).  Thank you for joining us.  (To skip these instructions and go straight to the webcast, just scroll down to the bottom of the screen.) 

For Sundays:  We are honored to be able to provide live webcasts of our Sundays.   If we have technical problems - then no harm, no foul. If all goes well, we request a donation for our Sunday webcasts, whatever you feel the value is to you! For retreat webcasts, please see our website listings for more information about that particular retreat.  Here's the paypal button.  Thanks.




Some good things to know.  First, we use a free service called "Livestream."  Because it's free to use (the "pay" version is impractical), we apologize in advance for the intermittent commercials and pop-ups.  You can click out of the pop-ups easily (click on the "x"), and sometimes even out of the commercials also.  We do understand that this requires some patience (it's a practice).  Also, when we take breaks at TBC, or during technical blizzards, we may go "Offline" very briefly.  After a couple of minutes, you should be able to get right back in.

For technical problems or questions during the webcast, please use the "Chat" feature that you can access through the webcast.   If it occurs and it's bad, please be assured we will be happy to reimburse you if you've paid in advance, and will apologize, too. 

Also, we recommend you view by clicking on the small arrow at the bottom left, rather than the big one in the middle of the screen.  This will keep you on our website page.  Also, if your screen "freezes," try refreshing your page.  This usually solves the problem, especially if you are watching on a laptop computer or one with not a lot of RAM.  Thank you so much for sharing this with us.

And finally, when you "arrive," please use the Chat feature to say hello and let us know you are with us.  While we are able to see the number of people with us each week, we want to be able to say hello, too!   Thanks, and thanks for being with us.