Sunday Sangha is accessible only via Webcast from the comfort and safety of your home or other location with internet access - you can access this either on a computer or on your smartphone.

The webcast link will be on the homepage: www.tibetanbuddhist.org and also at www.tibetanbuddhist.org/webcast

Since many of you are now following from your home, we wanted to start sending prayer book page numbers ahead of time so you are ready to follow along come Sunday morning!

SUNDAY MARCH 29, 2020 10 A.M. - 11:30 A.M. SCHEDULE

Opening Prayers (p. 4-5)

  • Refuge Formula

  • Four Reflections that Change the Mind

  • Prayer of Refuge and Bodhicitta

  • Four Immeasurable Thoughts

Silent Meditation

Short Break

Dharma: Medicine Buddha (p. 54-56)

For inspiration, click here for a video/photo compilation by Tony Boris of the medicine buddha mantra recitation.

Music Offering by Soo Kyong Kim and Dawn Pratson

Q & A

  • To submit a question during the webcast, you must be signed in to YouTube at the time. If you do not have this capability and have a question ahead of time, please email your question to info@tibetanbuddhist.org and we will do our best to your question presented.

Closing Prayers (p. 60-61)

  • Bodhicitta Prayer

  • Dedication of Merit

  • "At this very moment for the peoples and nations of the earth..." prayer

  • Long Life Prayer for HH

PLEASE NOTE: The above page numbers reference the new prayer book which can be downloaded here for reference if you area using a previous prayer book.

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