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membership Information

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Member!  CTBC is sustained through the generosity of our Members. 


Membership allows us to provide a modest living stipend for our Spiritual Director, Venerable Lama Losang Samten, here in Philadelphia.  Membership provides the critical funds to maintain the operations and security of our precious Center at 954 North Marshall Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  It also enables us to share the precious teachings of Lama Losang and our senior and guest teachers to so many across North America.


Benefits of Membership


CTBC Prayer Book: All members receive a complimentary CTBC Prayer Book for their personal practice.


Discounts on Dharma Courses, Workshops and Retreats: As a Member, you will enjoy 20% discounts on Dharma courses, workshops, and other programs throughout the year.


Member Meetings:  The CTBC Leadership Team hosts two special Members Meetings (in-person and via Zoom) each year to provide updates on Center operations, financials and programming.  


Personal Mentoring:  We offer personal mentoring through our successful Kalyana Mitta "spiritual friends" program.  You will have the opportunity to be paired with a CTBC senior teacher to discuss meditation and other questions to support your practice.  


Supporting Sangha Services and Practices: Your membership dues directly supports all Sunday Sangha Services and recurring weekly and monthly practice events. These programs are the cornerstone of our Dharma offerings and provide opportunities to practice the Dharma together as a Sangha.


Membership Levels

Our levels of membership provide opportunities to participate at all resource levels:


Honoring - $15/month ($180/year)

Supporting - $30/month ($360/year)

Sustaining - $60/month ($720/year)

Advancing - $110/month ($1,320/year)


No one is ever turned away due to lack of resources.  We also offer a Dharma membership level where service and volunteer work is offered in lieu of monthly membership dues.


Payment Methods

Your recurring membership dues can be sent through the convenience of DonorBox via PayPal.  DonorBox sends an email receipt after each payment, as well as summary statements on dues paid during the year.  We also accept personal checks mailed to CTBC.  


Come and Join Us!

We extend a heartfelt invitation to become one of our valued Members.  By doing so, you contribute to our Mission to cultivate compassion and loving-kindness, based on the philosophy and methods taught by His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama, Tenzin Gyatso.


How To Become a Member

Please email our Membership Coordinators to get started today and they will contact you to initiate Membership and answer any questions: Mary Ziccarelli and Cary Thomas 


Thank you for your support!  

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