The TBC Sangha Circle is a space for sharing, connection, support and insight.  When life happens in real time, knowing how to effectively integrate our Buddhist practice into our daily lives and challenges is essential for our peace of mind.  The Circle is a caring and supportive space to share our experience and gain greater insight.  

Circle meets every Tuesday night via Zoom (Zoom address located in event listing below.) We usually open with a short reading - anything from Dharma to poetry - to soften the heart and stimulate insight.  We then open the space for personal sharing from the reading and/or the week just past or ahead.  Some Circle sessions will have a specific topic to focus the sharing which are posted in the event communications.   

Our intention is to help each other deepen our Dharma practice beyond the cushion and into a way we understand, communicate and move through our lives with greater compassion and happiness.  Personal sharing is always confidential.  Group members are often surprised by the level of insight they gain from hearing others' experiences and reflecting on their own.   

We hope you will join the Circle very soon.  Everyone is welcome--especially you!  No experience is necessary!

Free to all.  

Upcoming Events

  • Sangha Circle
    Jan 12, 7:00 PM – 8:30 PM EST
    Zoom ID: 882 5765 4069 / Password: 068477

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