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“Admirable friendship, admirable companionship, admirable camaraderie is actually the whole of the holy life. When a monk has admirable people as friends, companions, & colleagues, he can be expected to develop & pursue the noble eightfold path.”  Shakyamuni Buddha (SN 45.2)


Kalyana Mitta means a spiritual friend or an admirable friend, and friendship with admirable people is a part of Buddhist training. 


In the Buddha’s time it was customary for monks who had been around a little longer to work with more junior monks and to answer questions.  These more senior monks were called Kalyana Mitta.  Many Buddhist groups, including the Chenrezig Center, still have Kalyana Mittas available to talk with people who request it.  


Have you ever wished you could talk with someone about your meditation practice?  Have you heard a Dharma talk or read a Dharma book and wished you could discuss it with someone?  This is common and we can help.  The Chenrezig Center has a Kalyana Mitta program that offers a chance to speak with one of our teachers or a senior Sangha member to discuss your questions.  The meeting is informal and friendly.  It may be done virtually or by phone.  You may also speak with more than one Kalyana Mitta to discover different points of view, approaches to practice and meditation techniques.  


Our Kalyana Mitta program is free and open to everyone.  To request a meeting, please email and include a brief description of the topics you want to discuss.   This will assist us in pairing a Kalyana Mitta that is right for you.


The Chenrezig Center is wholly sustained through the generosity of our Friends and Visitors.   If speaking with a Kalyana Mitta has been beneficial for you, please consider making an offering.  Donations can be made by cash and credit card at our Center or via Paypal (


Thank you!

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