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Tibetan doctors visit

Oct.  19 & 20, 2019

Cash only payment.


To sign up for an appointment time, see open times below and please email and provide the following:


-Your Name

-Contact information (email/phone number)

-Time slot requested and if for Health Consultation or Oral-Astro Consultation

-If interested in an Astro-science oral consultation, please provide your gender and date/place/time/year of birth as well which will be sent to the doctors before your appointment





Health consultations last 15-20 minutes | Astro-Science Oral Consultations last 45-50 minutes



Saturday October 19

Astro-Science Oral Consultations 2p - 5p

2p-2:50p Reserved

3p-3:50p Reserved

4p-4:50p OPEN


Health Consultation 2p-5p

2p-2:20p Reserved

2:25p-2:45p Reserved

2:50p-3:10p Reserved

3:15p-3:25p OPEN

3:30p-3:50p OPEN

3:55p-4:15p Reserved

4:15p-4:35p OPEN

4:40p-5p OPEN


Sunday October 20

Astro-Science Oral Consultations 12p-2p

12p-12:50p Reserved

1p-1:50p Reserved


Health Consultation 12p-2p

12p-12:20p  Reserved

12:25p-12:45p Reserved

12:50p-1:10p Reserved

1:15p-1:35p Reserved

1:40p-2p Reserved




CASH ONLY. The fee for health consultation is $30 for Tibetans with Green Book and $60 for non-Tibetans. The duration for each consultation is about 15 to 20 minutes.



The fee for an Astro-Science Oral Consultation is $100 per person. The duration of the consultation is 45 to 50 minutes. Those interested, can record the oral-astro consultation or make notes. For oral-astro consultations, please send us via email in advance your details such as gender, date/place/year of birth.


The cost of herbs for one month would range between $27 and $35. The cost of precious pills would be extra.

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