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Finding Ease With Difficult Relationships

Saturday March 30

10 a.m. - 5 p.m.


Chenrezig Tibetan Buddhist Center

954 N. Marshall St.

Philadelphia, PA 19123



Whether it is a significant other, a colleague at work, the noisy neighbor or even our own child, we all encounter difficulties in some of our relationships. This full-day workshop, informed by the three baskets, provides insights and practical tools to bring ease to difficult interactions. Contrary to our conditioning that taught us to improve situations by changing the other, we apply key buddhist principles to bring about true change by shifting our mindset.  To help us do this on a consistent basis, we will use exercises and small group discussions to practice the teachings as it applies to our relationships.  This approach has proven itself over the years in professional, personal and even romantic interactions. 


Complete your payment for classes in person with cash or check (made out to Tibetan Buddhist Center), or pay online using the below button.


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