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Membership & Volunteering


"We are shaped by our thoughts; we become what we think. When the mind is pure, joy follows like a shadow that never leaves."

Shakyamuni Buddha

Participation in our Sunday Morning Practice is open to everyone and all are welcome to join us; no membership is required. Membership in our Center involves a commitment of a financial contribution or service and is available at various levels. The practical benefits of all levels of Center membership include discounts, members’ dinners and events, and more. Most members report, however, that the greatest benefit is personal – to be committed to a practice of kindness and compassion and to help the Center spread those same teachings.


Core to our beliefs is the understanding that strengthening oneself for the benefit of all sentient beings is a most noble pursuit in this precious life.  We have a hard working group of all-volunteer officers who manage the Center and its activities to keep our beautiful home in excellent condition.

If you find you would like to support the Center as a volunteer, we would welcome it.

Spreading Compassion & Kindness

The CTBC is proud to have created A Day of Kindness in Philadelphia in anticipation of our hosting His Holiness' visit to the city in 2015.  The spirit of strengthening ourselves to give back more is a growing part of our community.  We are developing programs to feed the homeless and to reduce suffering of incarcerated people in Philadelphia.

Compassion in Action is one of our key initiatives.

"Compassion is a sign that a person has attained some wisdom." Garchen Rinpoche

Email us at for more information.

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