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Our site has become an important and substantial educational resource for people around the world.  Those unable to attend our Sunday sangha and retreats can participate via Live webcast or review an archive of  teachings, prayers, and practices presented previously.

Below you will see the links to our upcoming webcasts.  Just click on the link and you shall - we hope! - be transported to our live webcast.  (You'll need to use the link to view the webcast.) Please note that the link may be active before the webcast is up and live.

Good morning, TBC webcast Sangha!  This is the place to connect with our webcast for Sunday, February 23rd! (And that goes for pretty much every other Sunday or webcast, too.)  This morning, our Spiritual Director, Lama Losang Samten, leads our practice.  Today a special practice, Palden Lhamo Tea Ceremony. It's clear and in the high- 30's here in Philly this morning.
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Thank you for being a part of today's webcast!

We are honored to be able to provide live webcasts of our Sundays.  For those who are able, we ask that you make a donation to help support the work of our teacher and our center.  For retreat webcasts, please see our website listings for more information about that particular retreat. (Webcasts are free for TBC members.) 

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