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Welcome to the

Chenrezig Tibetan Buddhist Center

Of Philadelphia

COVID Guidelines as of February 2024

We have changed our Covid Guidelines to safeguard the health of everyone visiting our Center.  Face masks will now be required for events with more than 18 total participants. For events with less than 18 total participants, face masks will be optional with 6-feet safe-distancing between cushions/chairs.   


We are responding to the dramatic increase in COVID in the Tri-State area, as well as start of the COVID/Flu season in the coming months.  These guidelines will be modified as conditions improve.  As always, if you show any signs of illness, please be mindful of your own health and the Sangha and attend virtually.  Thank you for your compassionate concern for the safety of others.

Are you experiencing a tough time or just need someone to talk to? Send us an email and we will coordinate a call!

Ven. Lama Losang Samten has completed the magnificent Guhyasamāja Mandala and it will now become a permanent part of the Center throughout the year.  Thank you for your support!

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We are an open and diverse community of seekers and practitioners looking to reduce suffering in the world, starting with our own minds.

Our sangha has always been an open and caring community.  Many members find support and connection in times of need and in times of joy while seeking answers or sharing experiences. 


"I came in search of a

  teacher and quickly

found out I gained

so much more

than that."

My religion is very simple,

My religion is kindness

His Holiness the Fourteeth Dalai Lama

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